THIS blog will SUCK less (OR exactly how I got MY motivation BACK)

Posted: 1/28/19 | January 28th, 2019

Let me state what a lot of of you are (probably) thinking: this blog type of sucked in 2018. It really may have started sucking a bit toward the end of 2017. perhaps even 2016.

What do I indicate by that?

Well, while we continue to create “how-to” material that I am extremely pleased of as well as believe is much better as well as a lot more in-depth than what else you’ll discover on the web (’cause we’re the best!), those type of articles — while I like composing them because, to me, budget plan travel is like solving a puzzle (and they are fantastic for Google) — just doesn’t make a blog….well, a blog.

They lack personality.

They are helpful, sure, however you checked out blogs since of the people behind them, not just the beneficial info they give.

And I believe this web site has ended up being a great deal less personal as well as a bit stale over the last couple of years.

I just haven’t been inspired to compose anything “personal.” when in a while, sure, however like in the old days? Ehhh. Not really.

I don’t travel as much as I utilized to as well as believe my days are quite mundane. I indicate who cares about what I eat for breakfast, what I do on the weekends, or truly anything non-travel related?

Moreover, I felt like my thoughts as well as feelings about travel were already available as well as that there was nothing else truly delegated say.

So what was delegated compose about?

Another “best hostel in X” post, that’s what!

I don’t feel I truly composed anything “groundbreaking: last year. A great deal of what we published in 2018 was just old articles updated with new content.

A few weeks ago, I pointed out moving to Paris (temporarily however perhaps forever? who knows! I got to try it out first). nyc is an unproductive location for me as well as I want to spend a lot more time composing this year. I requirement a new area for that. I requirement a location where I feel my innovative juices flowing.

I don’t understand if that is Paris however I understand it’s not NYC.

But, as I pointed out in that post, this year, I want to modification this web site too.

Or, must I say, modification it back to what it utilized to be.

I want to compose a lot more stories.

After a two-year break as well as a situation of unmotivation, I’m lastly feeling inspired again.

This year you’re going to see not only the “how-to” articles we’re great at right here however likewise a lot more of me — a lot more about my life as a traveler, a lot more articles about the emotional ups as well as downs of travel, as well as a lot more articles about people.

I’ve got a lots articles drafted on my desktop: thoughts on globalization as well as travel, plastic as well as travel, life in hostels, what I dislike about travel ideal now, being linked “to home” on the road (I’ve observed a great deal of hostels have Netflix now), getting “stuck” in places, why I never want to hear about digital nomads again, as well as a lot a lot more stuff!

I’ve been composing up a storm this month.

And I’m likewise going to begin sharing a lot more pictures as well as stories on my Instagram (especially as I’ll most likely have a great deal to state when trying to clear up into Paris)!

One other thing that is happening this year: I’m opening the web site as much as a lot more guest posters starting in March. I want to bring in different voices as well as a lot more stories on the website. people who are just starting out or have proficiency in a specific area.

It’s a new idea. I don’t understand exactly how it will work. I want to produce some guidelines very first (so don’t email just yet! If you do, we won’t reply!) as I want to make sure we do this right!

So, yes, new year, new me!

But likewise a “new” blog!

I’m ecstatic to make this web site personal again.

Who understood I had so much still delegated state after all?

I assumption all that was missing was a bit of motivation!

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