How to get to TOTTORI from OSAKA or KANSAI AIRPORT: The cheapest way

Tottori City has its own airport, as well as it’s a awesome one! The Tottori Sankyu Conan flight terminal is named after its two main claims to fame: the sand dunes as well as Detective Conan.

The flight terminal looks like it came straight from an otaku’s daydream! It’s Conan themed: everywhere you look, you see a Detective Conan character; in every corner, you’ll discover games as well as puzzles as well as you’re free to enjoy them while waiting for your flight or transfer. however that’s for one more blog post!

However, Tottori flight terminal currently serves All Nippon Airways flights to as well as from Tokyo only. That’s not to say that it’s not accessible from other cities.

Tottori may be tucked along Japan’s less-explored western coast, however it can quickly be reached from other cities. Osaka is the closest megapolis. From Osaka, you can either take the bus or the train. This article will share with you precisely how to do that the fastest or easiest way.


Kansai flight terminal to TottoriBy Bus
Με το τρένο

Osaka Namba (OCAT) to Tottori
If you have a JR Pass
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Kansai flight terminal to Tottori

For foreign tourists, the Kansai international flight terminal (KIX) can be the primary gateway to Tottori. It’s a giant aviation hub, so there’s likely a flight from where you are to Kansai. From here, you will need to get to the city center of Osaka. Here’s how.

Με λεωφορείο

Note that the very first bus leaves terminal 1 at 6:10am, last train at 10:40pm.

At the Arrival Hall, approach the counter for flight terminal BUS to OCAT (photo above). OCAT stands for Osaka City Air Terminal, which is located in Namba area.

Purchase a ticket to OCAT. Fare: ¥1050. They will need your passport so make sure you have it ready. You will be given both the ticket (white) as well as a receipt (green).

Proceed to departure platform 11 (or whatever platform number you’re told).

Wait for the bus at the platform. If you have huge bags, the staff will take them as well as tag them. You will be given a slip that you’ll need to insurance claim your bags upon arrival at OCAT so don’t lose them.

Board the bus when it arrives. The driver will check your ticket. discover your seat number as well as get comfy. The travel time is around 1 hour, depending on traffic.

Alight at OCAT. The arrival area is the same area where you’ll be boarding the bus to Tottori.

By the way, the ticket looks like this.
Αυτό είναι! You’re at OCAT. From here you will need to board one more bus to Tottori City. I’ll enumerate the steps below.

If your arrival is scheduled outside the bus operating hours, you might want to take the train instead.

Με το τρένο

At the Arrival Hall, walk to the train station.

Purchase a ticket at the machines installed on the left side of the station. There are many ways to get to the city center from here, however most convenient option is the NANKAI limited reveal train bound for Namba. It doesn’t involve transfers or extra seat fees. Fare: ¥920.

Enter Nankai Station. There are 2 stations; the other one is JR. Make sure you go into the right one. discover your platform.

Board your train. travel time is 46 minutes.

Alight at Namba Station.

Travel on foot to Osaka City Air terminal (OCAT). The walk takes about 10 minutes through the underground arcade. It’s an simple walk, even with suitcases in tow. You can stay underground for the most part. just comply with the signs.

The bus terminal is on the 2nd floor of the OCAT Building.

Osaka Namba (OCAT) to Tottori

Now that you’re at OCAT, it’s time to get to Tottori City. The very first thing you should do is discover the right ticket counter on the 2nd floor. It looks like this.

Then comply with these steps:

Purchase a ticket for Tottori. regular Fare: ¥3700. However, there are months when they offer a special price for foreigners, which is only Only ¥1000. In 2018, the discounted rates were efficient from January-March as well as June-October.

Proceed to departure platform 7. This might modification sometimes, however it’s generally at platform 7. To be sure, always ask the staff.

Load your bags in the compartment.

Board the bus. show the driver your ticket. travel time is roughly 3.5 hours, depending on traffic conditions. based on our own experience though, we left Osaka at 5pm as well as arrived in Tottori at around 8pm, 30 minutes earlier than schedule.

And voila! You’re in Tottori!

If you have a JR Pass

Normally, the bus is the cheapest option. however if you’re visiting multiple cities in Japan as well as you’re traveling to Tottori from Osaka with a JR Pass, then go ahead as well as use it.

You can take any type of of the several routes from Kansai flight terminal or Osaka City center to Tottori, however this one is the most convenient (i.e. with least transfers involved).

At Kansai Airport, take eitΗ περιορισμένη αποκαλύπτει το τρένο Haruka στο σταθμό Shin-Osaka ή το τερματικό πτήσης JR Kansai Rapid Service στο σταθμό της Οσάκα.

Πάρτε την περιορισμένη αποκάλυψη Super Hakuto τρένο στο Tottori.

Χρόνος ταξιδιού: Λίγο πάνω από 2 ώρες συνήθως.

Χωρίς το πέρασμα JR, η λήψη του τρένου είναι πολύ ακριβό. Ο ναύλος από το τερματικό πτήσης μόνο στο Tottori είναι ¥ 5190 συν το καθίσματα του ¥ 970 (Haruka) καθώς και περίπου ¥ 3000 (Hakuto).

Αλλά αν σχεδιάζετε να αγοράσετε ένα πέρασμα JR ούτως ή άλλως, αυτή είναι σίγουρα η καλύτερη επιλογή, αφού δεν θα χρειαστεί να πληρώσετε οποιοδήποτε είδος περισσότερων χρημάτων. Το όλο ταξίδι θα καλυφθεί από το πέρασμα.

✅ Ελέγξτε τις ενημερωμένες τιμές εδώ

✅ Βιβλίο JR Pass εδώ

Διαβάστε τη σχετική ανάρτηση: αξίζει ο JR Pass;
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