First Time in full Color: My Sharp 100th anniversary moment

My mom tried her extremely finest to get out of the living space of our house. It was the very first day that we had a color TV as well as  it was my very first time to see color on a boobtube. I was so mesmerized by the colors as well as vibrance that my mom had to bring the little chair I was seated on to the dining space so I might lastly have dinner. I was seven years old.

It was just a small, boxy TV. however that Sharp TV was my bestfriend when I was a kid. It was the very first TV we had. before this, I had been watching shows on the black-and-white TV at my lolo’s home as well as I was thrilled that I won’t have to cross over to the neighbor’s just to see my preferred animation show. That day, I watched whatever — whatever — even the cheesy soap commercials since I was so magnetized by the moving colors.

Growing up in Batangas, I had always been in like with the beach. though the shores of our side of Batangas are strewn with black volcanic sand, they still provide a great location to relax as well as swim. however since of the black sand, the water looks gray as well as murky even when it’s not. When I was a kid, it was my one as well as only idea of the beach. I believed all beaches in the world had black sand with coconut trees rising from them.

It was smashed by our little Sharp TV. I keep in mind the very first time I saw a picture of a white beach in full color on TV, exactly how I was blown away by it, as well as exactly how it triggered my preliminary wish to travel.  I still like the beaches in our bit barangay (I like all beaches!) however since then, I had been hopping from one gorgeous beach to another. All it took was one picture of Boracay as well as it somehow paved method for who I am today.
These are my #Sharp100 memories? exactly how about you? Do you have unforgettable Sharp moments?

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