BOH Tea Plantation: My cup of Tea in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

A French couple meandered in the middle of the tea plantation, squeezing their method in between the shrubs that comprise the hedgerows. The guy stopped upon discovering a great area as well as the woman asked him to just stay where he was. She grabbed the video camera dangling from her neck as well as aimed a shot at him, who flashed a sincere smile. before she might press the button, however, the guy let out a loud sneeze. In utter embarrassment, he froze as well as she mildly beamed. Neither stated a word. The woman walked toward the guy as well as planted a deep, wet kiss. They both laughed as they prepped as much as take one more photo. The day just turned brighter for the two lovers.

French lovebirds at a tea farm
It was like a scene from a charming comedy. I stood by the road, overlooking the large hedgerows of tea shrubs, as I viewed the French couple attentively. It was a wonderful moment that I, without them realizing it, caught on camera. This is the kind of things that I like about traveling. I just delight in stalking observing other people in silence as they online their lives in a setting so beautiful, it’s like we’re in a film as well as I am the storyteller.

Cameron Highlands is well-known for its foothills of tea shrubs. This Malaysian region harbors three tea plantations: Sungai Palas, Fairlie, as well as Boh. It was the last that we oh-so-gladly set foot on. BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd is the number 1 tea grower in Malaysia as well as they have a number of tea gardens in Cameron Highlands. They create over 4 million kilos of tea every year, about 70% of all tea produced in Malaysia. There are over a thousand different varieties of teas however to numerous tea lovers, there are four primary types — black, green, white, as well as oolong. All four are made of the leaves of Camellia sinensis. BOH grows black tea, the stronger, bolder, as well as much more oxidized type.

The BOH Tea Plantation was the very first stop in the “leisure tour” that we availed of. I shared the van with a friend, a German family, an Arab couple, as well as the French couple I was explaining earlier. We were dropped off at the side of the road that snakes across the large fields as well as rolling hills of shrubs. It was like heads of giants who just went to the beauty salon to have their hair done — green-dyed as well as cornrows-styled. The height of the shrubs differ throughout the fields. In some parts, the plants reach the waist, in some even lower. They really grow into tall trees so the workers deliberately trim the branches at a specific height to make it simpler for them to get the new leaves come gather time. They have a term for it, but, when again, it slipped my ever-reliable memory. (I ought to begin composing things down. Seriously.)

A larger view of the plantation
A “mountainful” of tea!
That’s me, squeezing my method across the field.
After much more than 20 minutes, our trip guide signaled that it was time to hop back into the car for our next stop — the Gunung Brinchang Peak. I believed I already had my last close look at the tea plant. Εκανα λάθος. A couple much more stops as well as we discovered ourselves at the doorstep of the BOH Tea Center, which homes a Tea’ria (refreshment area), an display hall as well as a factory.

The Tea factory is my favorite. There are old however completely practical pieces of devices that the factory continues to utilize as much as now. visitors are provided an chance to see the tea-making process from gather to sorting to packaging. It was rather an enlightening walk along the edges of the hall.

Workers harvesting tea leaves
At the Tea Factory

Aside from the factory, there are display halls that showcase the old equipment, boards depicting the history of the company, as well as a short video about the place. One corner tucks a little store where guests can purchase BOH tea products. At the other side of the hall is the Tea’Ria Refreshment Area, which serves their premium teas together with some delectable pastries. however the food is not the only thing delightful here; it has a balcony that offers a great view of much more tea hedgerows.

BOH Tea Center, Cameron Highlands
BOH Tea’Ria Refreshments
Inside the Tea’Ria
Blueberry scones as well as egg sandwich
I’m not truly a “hot tea” type of guy. Iced Tea: Lime, Black Currant, as well as Cameronian
Just exactly how much my snacks cost. That’s for two people. Χαχα.
I was waiting on the rest of the group outside the Tea center when two tourists — a European couple — approached me to ask me take a picture of them. I obliged.

“Are you from Singapore?” the lady asked.

“No, no,” I smiled. “I’m from the Philippines.”

“Oh cool,” the guy said. “Kumusta ka?”

“I’m great,” I replied as I stretched out my hand to shake his.

“We satisfied in the Philippines,” the guy said, discussing exactly how they satisfied in Manila as well as were now tπου βγάζουν μαζί στη Μαλαισία. Θα πήγαιναν στην Ταϊλάνδη σε μια εβδομάδα.

Στο πίσω μέρος του κεφαλιού μου ζωγραφίζω μια ζωντανή φωτογραφία των τυχερών γεγονότων που οδήγησαν σε κάθε άλλη καθώς και τις περιπέτειές τους μαζί. Στο κεφάλι μου πυροβολούσα μια κινηματογραφική σκηνή με την ιστορία να φτάνει στο αποκορύφωμα ανάμεσα στους φράχτες του τσαγιού στους λόφους του Cameron Highlands. Το υπόλοιπο της ομάδας προέκυψε από το κέντρο μόλις πίστευα για το τι θα μπορούσε να είναι το τέλος. Επέλεξα να το πιστέψω για άλλη μια φορά. Ενδεχομένως πάνω από ένα φλιτζάνι τσάι.

Πώς να φτάσετε εκεί: από την Κουάλα Λουμπούρ, πάρτε ένα λεωφορείο προς Cameron Highlands. Υπάρχουν πολλοί φορείς εκμετάλλευσης ταξιδιού στην Tana Ratah ή στο Brinchang που οργανώνουν ταξίδια στην φυτεία BOH Tea ως μέρος μιας μεγαλύτερης περιήγησης μισής ημέρας ή πλήρους ημέρας.

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